For review of the manuscript some guidelines are given below to follow.

  • There is no evluation fee for submitted manuscripts. Moreover, journal does not charge any publication charges even if the manuscript is accepted after double blind peer review.

  • The acceptable similarity index threshold is 18% and any research article having similarity index more than this limit will ultimately be rejected in the initial phase and will not be considered for review process.

  • Plagiarised manuscript will be deleted/cancelled even after acceptance/publication.

  • Any negative report against any published paper will be processed quickly and the names of the authors will be placed in the blacklist for the next 5 years.

  • It is the responsibility of the author to strictly follow the format of the journal in order to avoid any delays in the publication.

  • It is better to use Endnotes software for referencing.

  • Cite references properly in the numbered format and reference format must be correct for journal article, conference paper, book chapter and any web page citation.

  • Authors of the accepted manuscript are required to submit a signed copyright agreement to JSEIS prior to the publication.

  • JSEIS does not issue Publication Certificate for accepted papers.

  • JSEIS publishes high quality research papers.

  • JSEIS does not consider systematic review protocols for review and publication.

  • JSEIS reviews only full length research papers, systematic literature reviews and surveys.

  • JSEIS prefers the European Code of Conduct for research integrity as presented by European Commission.

  • Be honest and fair while conducting research.

  • Must reflect professionalism in order to gain technical excellence in the domain of Computing.

  • Conduct the research for benefits of society.

  • Must reflect the funding sources.

  • Data must be presented as it is instead of falsification.

  • Intellectual property must be credited duly.

  • It is highly demanded to oblige all rules of data protection and privacy where applicable as in the case of social, religious and clinical data.

  • Mention the informed consent wherever it is applicable within the specified capacity.

  • Follow the "Do no harm" principle.

  • The social threats associated with the research must be considered and highlighted.

  • Avoid academic and research crime named as plagiarism/self-plagiarism.

  • Clearly mention authorships, disclosures and any conflict of interest.

  • There should not be any citation manipulation.


  • Title of the manuscript must be 20 points bold.

  • The manuscript must be in single column format.

  • Abstract should not exceed 300 words.

  • Font of the manuscript must be 10 points.

  • The main headings must be 10 points bold and capital.

  • The sub-headings must be 10 points bold and the first letter of first word must be capital.

  • All figures must be in .jpg or .png and must be of high quality.

  • Table data must be correct and clear for understanding.

  • Authors are required to send the author profile of each contributor.

  • Titles like Dr., Prof., Mr., Miss etc. will not be written with the author name in the author list. However, it is allowed in author profile.

  • There is no page limit but precise and comprehensive research is preferred for publication.

  • Add acknowledgement.

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JSEIS review process conforms to publons.

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